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Alice Ioana Ene

Long Story Short

Alice Ioana Ene (birth 12.03.2007) 

LICENSE: Professional Drift Driver (13 nov. 2020)

FIRST PRO EVENT: Drift Kings International Series:
Drift Queen (30 may 2021, Serres, Greece) – first place

– Youngest professional drift driver (licensed);
– Drift Queen 2021 (Drift Kings International Series:
Drift Queen): youngest winner (Guinness
World Records certificate);
– First place on the final stage of Czech Drift
Series 2021 (PRO2): youngest winner
– Third place (SEMIPRO) National Drift Championship RoDrift 2022
– Third place (Junior) National Drift Championship RoDrift 2022
– Good results Nürburgring Drift Cup (PRO): she is the
first Romanian participant in this event
– Drift Kings ViceChampion: Queen Series 2022
– Second place (DRIFT GIRLS) National Drift Championship RoDrift 2023


Drifting Traiblazers

Born and raised into a motorsport-loving family, Alice made contact with the automotive world before even learning to walk or talk.
She inherited her passion for Drifting from her father, Sorin Ene – a pioneer of Drifting, the one who introduced this discipline in Romania, National Drift Champion, European Vice Champion and founder of the first Drift School in Romania.

Alice, in turn (after graduating from the  “Sorin Ene” Drift School), raised the bar,
setting new age records in the PRO  series, leaving everyone speechless
with her astonishing performance  at each and every event.

She started with baby steps (literally), asking about each component of the cars, analysing her father’s drift techniques, memorising everything she saw.
At only 8 years old, after mastering the theory, she stated her wish to learn to drive.
Shortly after, she got her professional driver’s license.

At the age of 11 she was already learning the know-hows of drifting. After a lot of training (and lots of burned tires), on NOVEMBER 13, 2020, Alice became the YOUNGEST PROFESSIONAL DRIFT DRIVER, after passing the exam on Transylvania Motor Ring.

Armed with passion, her license and a BMW E46 2.8 turbo (420 hp), Alice began to attack the big drift competitions, gaining victory after victory.


Her first PRO competition was the Drift Kings International Series: Drift Queen.
A world-renowned competition, which Alice Ene won on her first try.

On May 30, 2021 she won the first stage (in Serres, Greece), and on October 10 she obtained the Drift Queen title. – becoming the youngest winner (certificated by Guinness Word Records.
In 2022 she scores again, with the ViceChampion title at Drift Kings

At the end of the season, Alice secured a sensational victory in the final stage of the Czech Drift Series (PRO2), in Brno, becoming the youngest driver to win this trophy.

A miraculous first year, officially congratulated by Eduard Novak (Romanian Minister of Sports) and Norris Magean (F.R.A.S. President – Romanian Federation of Sports Motoring).

From her very first steps into the motorsport world, Alice caught the eye of major publications and televisions, both local and international, obtaining a very high exposure.

Her name is all over the world wide web, on famous websites: DW, Motul, Tuned Side,  ProSport, Kanal D, Antena 3, ProTV or Newsweek 

A dynamic duo

Two drift aces, two friends, a father and a daughter LOVED BY EVERYONE: SORIN & ALICE ENE.

The perfect mix for any  successful show or event  with huge ratings.

The target audience  transcends the traditional  boundaries, gaining the attention  of trending vloggers and singers.

Family comes first

Before the famous mass media appearances, awards and achievements, family comes first and we hope that those who follow us will also follow our example.

2022 – beautiful victories celebrated as a family

All the efforts from 2022 brought Alice:
Third place in the National Drift Championship: RoDrift (both SEMIPRO and Junior class), good results at Nürburgring Drift Cup (one of the  hardest drift competitions – a world premiere for a Romanian pilot), and the Drift Queen Series ViceChampion title.

Be part of our family and let’s celebrate together

We are always grateful for the passion we have been blessed with and we are always grateful to those who make it happen – having for them a special place in our hearts and a place of honor in the public eye (on our equipment, our cars or wherever we are allowed to display our love and grattitude).
Sponsors and reliable partners, whom we warmly invite in our big motorsports-loving family.


achieved in only 2 years
Guinness World Record
youngest to win Drift Kings event
2nd place „Drift Girls” class
National Championship
3rd Place National Championship
First place Czech finals
youngest driver to win
First pro event
Nürburgring Drift Cup